Synonyms for appreciated


1. appreciate, acknowledge, recognize, recognise
usage: recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
2. appreciate, take account, understand, realize, realise, see
usage: be fully aware of; realize fully; "Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter?"
3. prize, value, treasure, appreciate, see, consider, reckon, view, regard
usage: hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"
4. appreciate, apprize, apprise, revalue, increase
usage: gain in value; "The yen appreciated again!"
5. appreciate, apprize, apprise, revalue
usage: increase the value of; "The Germans want to appreciate the Deutsche Mark"


1. appreciated, apprehended, comprehended, understood (vs. ununderstood)
usage: fully understood or grasped; "dangers not yet appreciated"; "these apprehended truths"; "a thing comprehended is a thing known as fully as it can be known"
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