Synonyms for bold


1. boldface, bold face, bold, font, fount, typeface, face, case
usage: a typeface with thick heavy lines


1. bold (vs. timid), audacious, brave, dauntless, fearless, hardy, intrepid, unfearing, daredevil, temerarious, emboldened, foolhardy, heady, rash, reckless, heroic, heroical, nervy, overreaching, vaulting, overvaliant, adventurous#1, adventuresome, brave#1, courageous, forward, unafraid#1, fearless
usage: fearless and daring; "bold settlers on some foreign shore"; "a bold speech"; "a bold adventure"
2. bold, conspicuous (vs. inconspicuous)
usage: clear and distinct; "bold handwriting"; "a figure carved in bold relief"; "a bold design"
3. bluff, bold, sheer, steep (vs. gradual)
usage: very steep; having a prominent and almost vertical front; "a bluff headland"; "where the bold chalk cliffs of England rise"; "a sheer descent of rock"
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