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Synonyms for cautious


1. timid, cautious, people
usage: people who are fearful and cautious; "whitewater rafting is not for the timid"


1. cautious (vs. incautious), cagey, cagy, chary, fabian, dilatory, gingerly, guarded, restrained, overcautious, careful, unadventurous
usage: showing careful forethought; "reserved and cautious; never making swift decisions"; "a cautious driver"
2. cautious, conservative, moderate (vs. immoderate)
usage: avoiding excess; "a conservative estimate"
3. cautious, careful (vs. careless)
usage: cautious in attitude and careful in actions; prudent; "a cautious answer"; "very cautious about believing everything she was told"
4. cautious, unadventurous (vs. adventurous)
usage: unwilling to take risks
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