Synonyms for draw-in


1. draw in, retract, attract, pull, pull in, draw, draw in
usage: pull inward or towards a center; "The pilot drew in the landing gear"; "The cat retracted his claws"
2. attract, pull, pull in, draw, draw in, pull, draw, force
usage: direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes; "Her good looks attract the stares of many men"; "The ad pulled in many potential customers"; "This pianist pulls huge crowds"; "The store owner was happy that the ad drew in many new customers"
3. curl up, curl, draw in, bend, flex
usage: shape one's body into a curl; "She curled farther down under the covers"; "She fell and drew in"
4. close in, draw in, advance, progress, pass on, move on, march on, go on
usage: advance or converge on; "The police were closing in on him"
5. pull in, get in, move in, draw in, arrive, get, come
usage: of trains; move into (a station); "The bullet train drew into Tokyo Station"
6. suck in, draw in, hollow, hollow out, core out
usage: draw in as if by suction; "suck in your cheeks and stomach"
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