Synonyms for ordinal


1. ordinal number, ordinal, no., number
usage: the number designating place in an ordered sequence


1. ordinal
usage: of or relating to a taxonomic order; "family and ordinal names of animals and plants"
2. ordinal (vs. cardinal), zero, zeroth, first, 1st, second, 2nd, 2d, third, 3rd, tertiary, fourth, 4th, quaternary, fifth, 5th, sixth, 6th, seventh, 7th, eighth, 8th, ninth, 9th, tenth, 10th, eleventh, 11th, twelfth, 12th, thirteenth, 13th, fourteenth, 14th, fifteenth, 15th, sixteenth, 16th, seventeenth, 17th, eighteenth, 18th, nineteenth, 19th, umpteenth, umteenth, umptieth, twentieth, 20th, twenty-first, 21st, twenty-second, 22nd, twenty-third, 23rd, twenty-fourth, 24th, twenty-fifth, 25th, twenty-sixth, 26th, twenty-seventh, 27th, twenty-eighth, 28th, twenty-ninth, 29th, thirtieth, 30th, thirty-first, 31st, thirty-second, 32nd, thirty-third, 33rd, thirty-fourth, 34th, thirty-fifth, 35th, thirty-sixth, 36th, thirty-seventh, 37th, thirty-eighth, 38th, thirty-ninth, 39th, fortieth, 40th, forty-first, 41st, forty-second, 42nd, forty-third, 43rd, forty-fourth, 44th, forty-fifth, 45th, forty-sixth, 46th, forty-seventh, 47th, forty-eighth, 48th, forty-ninth, 49th, fiftieth, 50th, fifty-fifth, 55th, sixtieth, 60th, sixty-fourth, 64th, sixty-fifth, 65th, seventieth, 70th, seventy-fifth, 75th, eightieth, 80th, eighty-fifth, 85th, ninetieth, 90th, ninety-fifth, 95th, hundredth, centesimal, 100th, hundred-and-first, 101st, hundred-and-fifth, 105th, hundred-and-tenth, 110th, hundred-and-fifteenth, 115th, hundred-and-twentieth, 120th, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, 125th, hundred-and-thirtieth, 130th, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, 135th, hundred-and-fortieth, 140th, hundred-and-forty-fifth, 145th, hundred-and-fiftieth, 150th, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, 155th, hundred-and-sixtieth, 160th, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, 165th, hundred-and-seventieth, 170th, hundred-and-seventy-fifth, 175th, hundred-and-eightieth, 180th, hundred-and-ninetieth, 190th, two-hundredth, 200th, three-hundredth, 300th, four-hundredth, 400th, five-hundredth, 500th, thousandth, 1000th, millionth, billionth, trillionth, quadrillionth, quintillionth, nth, n-th
usage: being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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