Synonyms for plug


1. plug, stopper, stopple, blockage, block, closure, occlusion, stop, stoppage
usage: blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly
2. chew, chaw, cud, quid, plug, wad, morsel, bit, bite
usage: a wad of something chewable as tobacco
3. ballyhoo, hoopla, hype, plug, promotion, publicity, promotional material, packaging
usage: blatant or sensational promotion
4. spark plug, sparking plug, plug, electrical device
usage: electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark
5. plug, male plug, electrical device
usage: an electrical device with two or three pins that is inserted in a socket to make an electrical connection
6. fireplug, fire hydrant, plug, hydrant
usage: an upright hydrant for drawing water to use in fighting a fire
7. hack, jade, nag, plug, horse, Equus caballus
usage: an old or over-worked horse


1. plug, stop up, secure, close, fill up
usage: fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug; "plug the hole"; "stop up the leak"
2. plug, plug away, persevere, persist, hang in, hang on, hold on
usage: persist in working hard; "Students must plug away at this problem"
3. punch, plug, hit
usage: deliver a quick blow to; "he punched me in the stomach"
4. plug, advertise, advertize, promote, push
usage: make a plug for; praise the qualities or in order to sell or promote
5. plug, insert, enclose, inclose, stick in, put in, introduce
usage: insert a plug into; "plug the wall"
6. plug, insert, enclose, inclose, stick in, put in, introduce
usage: insert as a plug; "She plugged a cork in the wine bottle"
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