Synonyms for protruding


1. stick out, protrude, jut out, jut, project
usage: extend out or project in space; "His sharp nose jutted out"; "A single rock sticks out from the cliff"
2. start, protrude, pop, pop out, bulge, bulge out, bug out, come out, change shape, change form, deform
usage: bulge outward; "His eyes popped"
3. bulge, pouch, protrude, change shape, change form, deform
usage: swell or protrude outwards; "His stomach bulged after the huge meal"


1. jutting, projected, projecting, protruding, relieved, sticking(predicate), sticking out(predicate), protrusive (vs. intrusive)
usage: extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary; "the jutting limb of a tree"; "massive projected buttresses"; "his protruding ribs"; "a pile of boards sticking over the end of his truck"
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