Synonyms for riotous


1. exuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous, abundant (vs. scarce)
usage: produced or growing in extreme abundance; "their riotous blooming"
2. disruptive, riotous, troubled, tumultuous, turbulent, unquiet (vs. quiet)
usage: characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination; "effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive"; "riotous times"; "these troubled areas"; "the tumultuous years of his administration"; "a turbulent and unruly childhood"
3. debauched, degenerate, degraded, dissipated, dissolute, libertine, profligate, riotous, fast, immoral (vs. moral)
usage: unrestrained by convention or morality; "Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society"; "deplorably dissipated and degraded"; "riotous living"; "fast women"
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