Synonyms for robust


1. robust (vs. frail), beefy, burly, husky, strapping, buirdly, big-boned, big-chested, chesty, big-shouldered, broad-shouldered, square-shouldered, cast-iron, iron, hardy, stalwart, stout, sturdy, hardy, half-hardy, heavy-armed, square-built, vigorous, healthy, rugged, strong
usage: sturdy and strong in form, constitution, or construction; "a robust body"; "a robust perennial"
2. full-bodied, racy, rich, robust, tasty (vs. tasteless)
usage: marked by richness and fullness of flavor; "a rich ruby port"; "full-bodied wines"; "a robust claret"; "the robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee"
3. robust, strong (vs. weak)
usage: strong enough to withstand or overcome intellectual challenges or adversity; "the experiment yielded robust results"; "a robust faith"
4. robust, unrefined (vs. refined)
usage: rough and crude; "a robust tale"
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