Synonyms for rumpled


1. ruffle, ruffle up, rumple, mess up, disarrange
usage: disturb the smoothness of; "ruffle the surface of the water"
2. pucker, rumple, cockle, crumple, knit, wrinkle, ruckle, crease, crinkle, scrunch, scrunch up, crisp
usage: to gather something into small wrinkles or folds; "She puckered her lips"
3. rumple, crumple, wrinkle, crease, crinkle, fold, fold up
usage: become wrinkled or crumpled or creased; "This fabric won't wrinkle"


1. disheveled, dishevelled, frowzled, rumpled, tousled, untidy (vs. tidy)
usage: in disarray; extremely disorderly; "her clothing was disheveled"; "powder-smeared and frowzled"; "a rumpled unmade bed"; "a bed with tousled sheets"; "his brown hair was tousled, thick, and curly"- Al Spiers
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